To be unable to hide feelings, I think there is an expression for it, you may remember the song that Bryan Ferry sang « heart on my sleeve » , well that would perfectly fit to Akram’s singing ! His voice is the voice of a pleasant madness. Just like him, it is first generous, and it is impossible to put in any cage, no musical genre will be able or claim exclusively akram and his uncatchable voice.

Born to tunisian parents, Akram was born in the south of France, and as far ashe can remember music was always part of his life. He grew up with the arabic songs his mum would sing from dusk to dawn, french music was also there, but it was only in his teens that the first musical shocks stroke him. Stevie Wonder (« I don’t how talking book came to us, but i twas there…. ») Bob Marley, and all other pop legends.

  • Singer of the band


Micah’s passion for music began even before he could combine words into coherent sentences. At only two years of age, he started what became a lasting relationship with his violin. He attended the Suzuki Violin Studies School in Tokyo, Japan. Later he studied at the Zino Francescatti School of music in Aix-en-Provence, France. At the age of thirteen, Micah performed with Liza Minnelli during her solo concert at the Philadelphia Academy of Music. Soon after, he was chosen to join the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra as principle first violinist, under Anthony Primavera. While pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in International Business at Drexel University, Micah became the lead violinist in the school’s String Ensemble. At the same time, he began working in nightclubs and experimenting with the fusion of the violin and electronic music. Upon graduation, Micah continued to enhance his skills by studying with various musicians throughout the Philadelphia area.

His teachers included Estelle Kerner, author of the book "A History of the East European Violinist,” and Xiao-Fu Zhou, of the Pennsylvania Centre Orchestra. Micah also studied jazz & blues improvisation with Eric Nemeyer, publisher of Jazz Improv Magazine. He also began touring all major nightclubs in the United States including Philly, New York, New Jersey, Boston, Chicago, Miami, L.A, and many more..

  • Violinist of the Band


After an intense carrier as a saxophonist, arranger an producer Ruben Moran joins up the top class musicians that establish the guidelines of the acutal dance music.

Luxury and class all in the same plate: an early musician at the age of eight, arranger and interpreter in all sort of bands and styles, has already placed in America, Africa, Meddle and Europe, in extremely prestigious night clubs (Amnesia, Pacha, Space, Dreamers..) accompanied by Dj,s like Erick Morillo, David Vendetta, Junior Sanchez, Tom Novy, Smoking Jo, Harry “Choo Choo” Romero, Jamie Lewis, Silicone Soul, Paul Jackson, Danny Rampling, John Acquaviva, Dj Chus, Sebastian Gamboa, David Penn, He also participated in multiple recordings and to top it all, he has recently graduated from the Berklee Collage of Music (Boston) getting his degree in Contemporary Writting and Production.

  • Saxophonist of the Band


Dove is one of the hottest talents to emerge from France the past few years Having been surrounded by a variety of musical influences from an early age, he was inspired to follow his passion for music and produce the versatile, eclectic sound for which he has become known.

Dove began his career in small bars of Toulon where his incredible turntable skills thrilled and delighted audiences. It was not long before he was given the opportunity to demonstrate his talents in some of the most glamorous nightclubs in Saint Tropez and Paris.

  • Dj of the Band